There may be many reasons why you want unwanted hair or a tattoo removed, but the good news is – Gulf Coast Facial Plastics has a laser suite to accomplish both of these requests.

Perhaps your tattoo was done on an impulse that you now regret.  Or, the quality of the tattoo isn’t that great, and it has become an irritating distraction.  Regardless of the reason, our tattoo removal works by administering a specific wavelength of intense light into your skin from the laser.  The light is only absorbed by the tattoo pigments, while your skin remains unharmed.  The light energy breaks apart the pigments, which are then absorbed by your body and eliminated.

Laser tattoo removal is safe and very effective.  However, the effectiveness of the treatments, and the number of sessions you will need, depend on a variety of factors, which we will go over during your first consult.

Removing unwanted hair has become much easier as well.  Dr. Daniel Daube has invested in the most current technology specifically designed for this treatment.  Our Aesthetician is highly trained in utilizing the laser equipment, which uses concentrated light beams on the hair follicles.  As with tattoo removal, the hair follicles also absorb the light, which ultimately eliminates them, preventing future hair growth.

Just remember – laser treatments are safe and can be used on various areas of the body, so both men and women can utilize these services.  Because the laser energy is applied in short bursts, the sensation of the treatment is similar to a small pinch on your skin.

During your first consult, our Aesthetician will assess the area and measure it to provide you with an estimate of the number of sessions needed to complete the process.

At your first appointment, you will be asked to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from the bright light produced by the laser.

After every laser treatment, it is essential to avoid direct sunlight; therefore we have found the fall and winter months to be the best time to remove tattoos and hair.

Tattoo and hair removal is very simple, so if you are tired of how you look or feel about yourself, today is a great day to do something about it!  Contact us at 850-784-7722, Ext 321.

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