Skeletal Contouring

Facial features can be enhanced with several techniques that are offered at Gulf Coast Facial Plastics in Panama City, such as dermal fillers and chin implants. In some cases, though, a more comprehensive and intensive solution is needed to give the patient the improvements to the facial shape and proportions that he/she desires. Skeletal contouring is a technique that involves reshaping the bones and hard tissues of the face. This contouring procedure may be combined with other techniques to achieve the desired result.

You may be a good candidate for face recontouring if you would like to change your: chin, jawline, profile, nose, or cheeks.

The Skeletal Contouring Procedure
At Gulf Coast Facial Plastics, in Panama City, Florida, our expert facial plastic surgeon works closely with men and women from all over the world to help them find the right aesthetic solution for their needs. During the consultation, Dr. Daniel Daube will listen to your concerns and use his expertise to recommend the appropriate options. Once you decide on which surgery to have, Dr. Daniel Daube, will explain the technique he will use.

After your skeletal contouring procedure, you should expect to have some swelling, bruising, and tenderness. Your face may feel tight if implants were used. Our team will schedule follow-up appointments with you to ensure that you are healing properly.

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