Daniel Campbell Daube Jr, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Head & Neck Reconstruction Surgeon / ENT

A Note from Dr. Daube

Since founding Gulf Coast Facial Plastics and ENT Center 25 years ago, I’ve found that often our patients become our friends. We really like to get to know the people we treat, because then we can take care of them more comprehensively. And, whereas there are numerous physician rating sites, they don’t provide enough information for you to be able to get to know me – the person behind the lab coat! In my opinion, getting to know your physician on a more personal level also allows you to feel more comfortable with him during the examination.

So here are some personal tidbits about me, and you’ll see that we just may have a lot in common!

  • I was a much-disciplined child as the son of a Lt. Col. in the Air Force. Early on, I wanted to fly jets just like my father and was actually preparing for the Air Force Academy. Although I was accepted, I chose not to attend because I really couldn’t fly. However, the discipline I developed preparing for this military career made medical school and residency very positive experiences.
  • I have a hidden talent – playing the violin. I’m not good enough to play publicly, but once I reach retirement, I hope to perfect my style.
  • One accomplishment I’m really proud of is that I once came in second place in a triathlon. I earned a scholarship in college due to my competitive swimming ability, and after I graduated, I began running and biking. I decided to try a triathlon and did fairly well.
  • The most unusual item in my office? Part of the Apollo 13 spacecraft.
  • In the South, a lot of people love football, basketball or baseball, but I’m a little different in that I prefer more offbeat sports like soccer, swimming, and western riding.
  • A lot of people have “guilty pleasures”, but I don’t feel guilty about activities that give me pleasure; however, I don’t share my enjoyment of Yoga with any of my male friends.
  • My best friend is named Rocky, and he and I have been close since high school. It has always been a consistent, healthy friendship based on mutual respect. I believe longtime friends are important as they keep us grounded. I’m so very thankful for all my friends from youth who have remained close over the decades.
  • Finally, my Bucket List continues to grow: I would, finally, like to learn to fly airplanes; experience helicopter skiing; spend more time in the mountains during the winter with family and friends; watch my daughter grow into an even more amazing young woman.


Feel free to start a conversation the next time you’re in the office. I bet we have a lot in common!

Happy people are the most beautiful.

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