Scar Revision

When you suffer an injury to your skin, such as a scrape or cut, your body works to heal the wound. The process is intended to protect you from infections and excessive bleeding, but the result can be an uneven, discolored scar. Scars look different because of the way your body heals. An influx of collagen fibers are generated in the area, and your body quickly covers the wound with the collagen. There is little time for an orderly development of collagen, so the skin looks and feels different.

Most scars are hidden in areas that few people see, but some are more obvious, such as acne scars, red scars on hands, and facial scars. Gulf Coast Facial Plastics, in Panama City, offers scar-revision treatments to reduce the size of the scar and help it blend better with the surrounding skin. Scars may not be able to be completely removed, but your treated scar will certainly be less significant.

We are able to treat scars that are most common in the general population:

  • Keloid scars raised bulbous hard tissue that is common amongst people with darker skin
  • Facial scars from accidents and injuries
  • Hypertrophic scars, the most common type that is slightly elevated from the surface of the skin


What to Expect from Scar Revision

Scar-revision treatment involves removing the outer layers of the skin. Following this procedure, your body will generate new cells that blend better with the surrounding skin. You may see a reduction in your scars after one treatment, but most scars require multiple revision treatments. You should protect the area from sunlight while the skin heals since sun exposure can darken the area treated.

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Scar Revision at Gulf Coast Facial Plastics

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