While nothing can stop the aging process, a facelift (also known as a Rhytidectomy) can help you look younger longer by getting rid of sagging jowls and cheeks. In addition, an endoscopic brow lift removes loose skin and excess fat to give the upper section of the face a smoother, younger appearance.

Although there has been a trend toward “lunchtime facelifts,” because Dr. Daniel Daube uses “The Gold Standard” of facelifts, there are no shortcuts to his work. This approach ensures the results will last longer, often from five to ten years!

In addition, Dr. Daube is very cautious in making the incisions needed where the scars are hidden post-surgery, in areas like under the chin, in the ear creases, and along the hairline. Proper healing from a facelift may take several weeks or months, but the timeline varies by patient.

However, after a consultation with Dr. Daube, often men and women may learn that they are better candidates for an endoscopic brow lift. This procedure helps with eyebrows that hang lower due to changes in fat deposits in the forehead area. In addition, the procedure removes loose skin and excess fat to give the upper section of the face a smoother, younger appearance.

Healing time from a brow lift is shorter because there are fewer incisions and tissue modifications needed than with other surgical options. Only two tiny incisions are necessary along the hairline for the brow lift.

With both procedures, initially, there will be some bruising and swelling, but these conditions will gradually diminish. You can significantly reduce the side effects of surgery by carefully following the post-operative instructions. It’s also helpful to keep your head elevated and apply cool compresses. In addition, it is recommended that you limit your time outdoors, especially in direct sunlight. Staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet will also help with recovery time.

At Gulf Coast Facial Plastics, a complimentary consult will help you decide whether a facelift or brow lift is the correct option to put your best face forward. These procedures can lift your spirits and give you a sense of well-being and confidence. So, doesn’t it make sense to choose a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon whose expertise is faces and only faces? Call today to schedule your consult: (850) 784-7722, Ext. 321.

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