Ask any woman what’s in her top five most hated personal-care routines, and we will almost guarantee you hair removal will be near the top of that list. So, we thought it might be a good idea to share with you some side-by-side comparisons provided by

Most women choose the razor option, but did you know that at the end of 50 years, you will have spent at least $15,000, and used up 139 days, 9 hours of your life? We believe that’s pretty significant in time lost, not to mention money.

For women who choose the wax option, during that same period of time, it is estimated to cost $33,150 and use up 13 days, 23 hours of your life, more than doubling your time and money lost (not to mention the pain factor).

It is for this cost-effective reason that Gulf Coast Facial Plastics recommends the final laser option. The range for hair-removal services in one year is between $800 and $3,000. More important, you spend only an estimated 6.25 hours, which is quite negligible when you realize that’s a one-time cost that will last for the next 49 years. Because laser treatments are permanent, don’t the numbers speak for themselves? That’s correct: for the rest of your life, there’s no additional cost or time.

How much is your time worth? And, how much of your life are you willing to trade for such an unrewarding chore, especially when you realize better options are available? Dr. Daniel Daube has invested in a wide variety of lasers, all designed to be used for specific areas of the body.

To determine the cost for the hair removal you require, or other laser services, contact Melissa at (850) 784-7722, Ext 117, for a consult.

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