Despite the high humidity, our skin can become quite dry from sun exposure and salt air on the Gulf Coast. The perfect solution is a DiamondGlow® treatment that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles; plus, it lessens the appearance of those pesky sun and age spots.

Approximately two years ago, Allergan—the manufacturer—changed the product’s name from the Silkpeel Dermalinfusion to DiamondGlow®. What hasn’t changed is the outstanding results you can expect from this procedure.

What is DiamondGlow®?

Quite simply, it is an exfoliating treatment designed to give your skin a noticeable boost in hydration and natural glow. The aim is to smooth and tone your skin in the treated areas by removing the dead skin cells.

A DiamondGlow® treatment can be done in about 30 minutes. So, you can return to your regular schedule immediately afterward because there is no discomfort or downtime.

Who is a good candidate to receive DiamondGlow®?

Men and women have found the DiamondGlow® technique extremely helpful because it lightens the skin over time utilizing a unique brightening serum. Plus, the treatment can be used on any skin type and produces instant results.

After your treatment, our Aesthetician will suggest using sunscreen, moisturizer, and eye cream to put your best face forward. Immediately, your skin will have a healthier glow, looking and feeling smoother to the touch.

What’s the difference between DiamondGlow® vs. Hydrafacial?

While both procedures produce excellent results, the Hydrafacial is a restorative treatment that uses serums, suction, and an antibacterial blue light to treat your skin. The DiamondGlow® facial uses serums as well, which infuse into the skin.  It’s also an exfoliating treatment that, used over time, can steadily improve conditions such as acne, clogged or large pores, oily skin, dark spots, and more common skin concerns.

At Gulf Coast Facial Plastics, during your initial consultation, our Aesthetician will fully evaluate your skin and discuss the desired results you’d like to achieve. Call to schedule today!

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