Why Choose A Facial Plastic Surgeon … Instead Of A Dermatologist After A Cancer Diagnosis?

By: Dr. Daniel Daube

Cancer. The word strikes fear in most people’s hearts, but when caught early, the prognosis can be very good. However, there are several advantages in seeing a facial plastic surgeon for your skin cancer instead of relying on a dermatologist’s services.

Although dermatologists are certainly skilled practitioners, they do not have the same skills and knowledge as a cosmetic surgeon regarding invasive and noninvasive procedures as well as reconstruction.

In my case, I am the only double Board Certified and Fellowship-trained Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgeon in the region. I have treated thousands of patients with skin cancer. My Otolaryngology/ENT Head and Neck Surgery training means I’m thoroughly experienced in the anatomy and aesthetics of the face. Therefore, I can provide the most suitable outcomes following surgery. Occasionally these skin cancers require removal of lymph nodes, which should be performed by an Otolaryngologist of the face and neck.

It is always wise to do your homework when selecting any physician. Check their credentials and ask about how many procedures they have done. With more than 25 years of experience in facial plastic surgery, I have developed a superior knowledge about reconstructive surgery following a cancer diagnosis and removing the disease. More importantly, I can provide the ultimate in facial rejuvenation treatments to allow patients to have more self-confidence following their post-surgical experience.

Our aesthetician can also assist in follow-up treatments to fully restore the skin’s condition by evaluating and diagnosing problem areas.

If additional surgery is needed, I provide the Gold Standard in facelifts for the most lasting impact on the face. In our experience, we have found that when our facelift patients choose the Gold Standard, they are much more pleased with the outcome. A string lift only lifts the face a few millimeters, whereas a true facelift creates dramatic results by tightening the underlying musculature of the face, and removing excess skin. Plus, this option may last up to a decade, whereas string lifts usually last from one to three years.

We provide fat grafting and injections to improve a cancer patient’s mental and emotional situation following surgery. Also, we provide CO2 laser procedures to prevent future cancer and remove wrinkles at the same time.

Our location includes a complete cosmetic surgery facility, along with a highly-trained staff, so there is no need for you to go to various physicians to get your diagnosis, surgery, and follow-up needs addressed.

Call 850-784-7722 x 321 to talk with our Cosmetic Coordinator if you believe you may have cancer of the face or neck. If you have already seen a dermatologist, getting a second opinion from a facial plastic surgeon could also be a lifesaving step.

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