We live in an instant-gratification society and as such, often patients come to Gulf Coast Facial Plastics wanting to consult with me regarding quick procedures that may produce immediate results.  Recently, discussions have focused on a much-touted thread lift.

Thread lifts were never designed to produce the same results as a surgical facelift.  In fact, in my personal opinion, this procedure provides only a low-risk option in order to see how a more permanent procedure might look.  So why would someone want to consider such a choice?

  • The thread lift is a minimally invasive alternative
  • The procedure is considered low risk
  • Thread lifts are considerably less expensive


However, studies as to the long-term efficacy of such a procedure are not promising. In fact, they are quite disappointing.

Although there has been a trend toward “lunchtime facelifts,” I maintain that sometimes “old is new again.”  In fact, I have always maintained the GOLD STANDARD of Facelifts provides the most long-lasting and natural-looking results.  However, vertical lifting has also become part of my procedure and seems to give much better results than in the past.

The new “string lifts,” and nonsurgical facelifts, do not work as well as the “gold standard” – a facelift.  There, I said it.  Although these shortcuts have their place for many (because some people are unable to undergo a standard facelift or do not need a dramatic change), for the majority of healthy adults, with a lax neck or face, they need the “real thing”.

Facelift procedures (Rhytidectomy) are the ultimate surgery for facial rejuvenation.  The surgeon designs the procedure to remove sagging facial tissues and folds of skin that have developed in the cheeks, along the jaw, and in the neck.  An integral, but hidden, part of this surgery is the re-suspension and elevation of the supporting structures of the facial skin.  This operation consists, essentially, of tightening and redistributing the face and neck skin with the removal of the excess tissue.

The purpose of facelift surgery is to remove surplus, sagging skin from the face and neck, as well as to reduce wrinkling associated with aging.  Actually, repositioning, or re-draping the skin over the facial bones, is the primary objective of this procedure.  Since the actual structure of the face is not changed, the transformation tends to be rather subtle.  Usually, friends and family will only wonder if you’ve had a restful holiday, or are just taking better care of yourself.  It is rare for a person to guess that you’ve had a surgical procedure.

The average facelift lasts five to ten years and doesn’t stop the clock, but merely turns it back a few years.  How long a facelift lasts has a great deal to do with genetics, personal habits, and age at the time of surgery.

In addition to offering The Gold Standard Facelift, our practice offers many other “rejuvenating” options like the CO2 laser.  Call us today to take advantage of our FREE CONSULT offer to see which option is right for you – The Gold Standard, or other surgical and/or laser options.  The choices are as varied as the patients we treat, but the outcomes will be designed specifically with you in mind to achieve the very personal results you desire.

Are there reasons why someone would have a thread lift?  The only reason I can think of would be if the person had underlying medical conditions that would make general anesthesia risky.  Otherwise, my best recommendation is to invest in a more long-term solution to your aging issues by scheduling what I consider to be the Gold Standard … a traditional facelift.

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