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TMJ is an abbreviation used to refer to a collection of disorders that affect the Temporomandibular Joint. This joint connects the jaw to the temporal bones of the skull. Many of my patients who have suffered from TMJ recall experiencing pain or tenderness in the face, especially in the jaw joint area or around the ear when speaking, chewing or opening the mouth wide, a ‘locked-jaw’ when the mouth is open or closed, popping and grating sounds in the jaw when opening or closing the mouth or an uncomfortable bite.

There are various causes to TMJ; it is advisable to visit our offices for an accurate diagnosis and immediate treatment.

The thyroid is a small gland at the base of the neck that synthesizes thyroid hormone, which is responsible for various actions in the body. The thyroid gland can be affected by diseases that can lead to the production of too much or too little of the hormone including goiter, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. If you experience symptoms such as restlessness or fatigue and loss or weight gain, you may have a thyroid problem. It is often women and people over the age of 50 who are at the highest risk of thyroid disorders. The condition may also arise if you have a family history of thyroid disease. It is advisable to have your thyroid checked if you are at risk.

In the US alone, there are more than one million cases of squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma and basal cell carcinoma and many of them occur on the external ear because of exposure to the sun. These types of cancer are often difficult to eradicate and can develop metastases in other parts of the body. Ear excision is often the course of treatment. Ear reconstruction after cancer excision can repair the major defects that arise from the treatment of cancer of the external ear. We can repair the ear auricle using skin flaps and chondrocutaneous flaps from the ear.

Reconstruction is a complicated process due to the 3-dimensional nature of the ear that has many curves and peaks. We review each case individually and use expert surgical principles and anatomy in the reconstruction process.

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