With the foresight provided by Dr. Daniel Daube, Gulf Coast Facial Plastics has put together a laser suite that is second to none in the region.  Regardless of your issue, we have the advanced technology to meet your every skincare need with options that are varied and specialized.

Because of our proximity to the Gulf, and time spent out in the sun, our Light Sheer laser provides the ultimate in hair removal all over the body. Our aesthetician has been specifically trained to provide the most pain-free treatments possible. As a matter of fact, unlike at some other medical offices, we sedate our patients in order to prevent any pain that may be associated with our laser treatments. The pulses of light energy are then absorbed by the pigment in the hairs, which then fall out.  Multiple sessions are recommended, depending on the amount of hair you need removed. The goal is permanent hair reduction, although some people may have to return for minor touch-up sessions.

With the focus of our practice being faces … and only faces … our CO2 laser provides unsurpassed wrinkle treatments in area of the face that are most problematic. This technology tightens the collagen within the skin, allowing new skin to grow while “locking in” the new skin regeneration.

Our Erbium Laser is the choice for facial resurfacing, which is a laser peel that is safe and precise, removing lines and moderate wrinkles around the mouth, eyelids, and other sensitive areas without scarring.

Perhaps the laser that gets the most treatment in our facility is the YAG laser that is used to remove tattoos or age spots, as well as being used for facial photo-toning.

We believe you’re allowed to change your mind about the tattoos you’ve had applied. Our advanced technology provides the means for your tattoo to be removed safely and quickly; in most cases, without leaving a scar.  Light energy from our lasers vaporize, or fragment, the ink particles.  Your body then absorbs these ink fragments naturally and the color fades over the next couple of weeks. On average, professional tattoos require six to eight treatments, while amateur tattoos require four to five treatments, spaced approximately six to eight weeks apart.

We are able to remove small blood vessels with our Diode laser.  Lasers are also used for the treatment of acne, so it’s easy to see how having such a wide array of options is a plus for our patients.

Our office will be more than happy to discuss our laser procedures with you in a private consultation. At that time, you will be given information regarding how the lasers work, possible side effects, and post-treatment care. Contact us today to book your appointment. 850-784-7722

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