Choosing the Right Facial Plastic Surgeon for a Facelift

To whom should you trust your face?

Selecting the correct facial plastic surgeon for your facelift or other procedures is essential. Most of us have heard horror stories of procedures gone wrong, and we’ve seen the
images of renowned celebrities who looked anything but natural following an inferior surgery. Whenever you opt to have any procedure performed, understand that while there are some risks
involved, you can greatly reduce those risks by choosing a board-certified, and experienced, physician.

How can you ensure that you pick the right surgeon? Price alone should never be a determining factor; in fact, costs really need to be the last thing you consider. Here are essential aspects to consider when deciding on a suitable facial plastic surgeon.


Not only should your physician be highly credentialed by a recognized association like the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), but they should also be board-certified, which means the surgeon has completed additional training in this specialty. Dr. Daniel Daube meets and exceeds these requirements in that he is the region’s only Board-Certified and Fellowship-trained Facial Plastic Surgeon.


While training and education are of the utmost importance, the physician’s experience is also very significant. Once you are comfortable with the doctor’s qualifications, have a candid conversation with them regarding the numbers of procedures they have done similar to the surgery you are considering. Remember, there are different techniques for conducting facelifts, and at Gulf Coast Facial Plastics, Dr. Daube believes in using the Gold Standard technique.

All procedures offer different pros and cons, and your doctor will advise you accordingly. Don’t forget to inquire about aftercare to get optimum results.


Before you select your surgeon, make certain you check sites like,, and Google to name just a few. These sites provide patients with an opportunity to critique doctors firsthand. Here you will find people who have gone through procedures like the one you are considering and states whether they were satisfied with the surgeon’s level of competence or not. However, know some reviews may, or may not, be subjective, so take negative reviews into consideration, and then discuss any concerns you may have directly with the doctor.


A professional facial plastic surgeon should be someone with whom it is easy to communicate, even about sensitive issues like questionable reviews. In addition, they need to take time to ensure you understand the procedure and the specific techniques used during surgery. You should feel comfortable with the physician and be able to communicate easily with them as well as their staff.

Hospital Privileges:

Most surgeons provide outpatient services, but be certain to ask if the doctor also has hospital privileges. Why is this important? Hospitals do background checks before hiring or permitting a physician to practice on their premises. If a doctor isn’t granted hospital privileges, then that should be a “red flag” to the potential patient.

These are just a few tips when deciding on the right facial plastic surgeon for your needs. Word-of-mouth marketing has been very important in Dr. Daube’s more than 20-year career, so be sure to talk to others about their experiences at Gulf Coast Facial Plastics. We strive to provide quality medical care enhanced by compassion and understanding for the needs of our patients.

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